Valentines Day Popcorn Bags with Personalized Stickers Poppin Classroom Valentine


Number of Popcorn Bags & Stickers: 12 Popcorn w/sticker

12 Popcorn w/sticker
12 Popcorn w/sticker
18 Popcorn w/sticker
24 Popcorn w/sticker
30 Popcorn w/sticker
36 Popcorn w/sticker
42 Popcorn w/sticker
48 Popcorn w/sticker
54 Popcorn w/sticker
60 Popcorn w/sticker
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Make Valentine's Day classroom exchanges easy with these mini popcorn bags, personalized with a Valentine's Day sticker. Great for kids classroom parties and Valentine's Day exchanges.

Mini popcorn bag filled with Valentine Vanilla popcorn, and sticker personalized with your child's name. Stickers will come attached to popcorn bags no prep necessary!

• Brand: Deanan Gourmet Popcorn
• Contains: Milk and Soy
• Gluten Free
• Made in a Peanut Free facility
• Non-GMO
• Kosher
• Made in United States

Each clear packet contains a 1/2 cup (15g) of delicious & colorful vanilla popcorn. These small packets are 5" wide including the seal area on either end of the bag and 3 1/2” high.

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